Specialisation: painting and frame restoration. All the restoration work that I do uses traditional materials and techniques which are completely reversable. I am based in Glasgow. Services include;

Cleaning: Removal of surface dirt and discoloured varnish.
Consolidation: Repairing cracks to the paint surface and areas of flaking paint.
Patching and filling: Repairing tears and holes in the painting support (linen, canvas, wood etc.)
Retouching: Using the Rigatino technique to integrate the filled defective area with delicately coloured vertical strokes.
Stretching: Re-stretching of artwork onto new custom built stretchers.
Varnishing: Re-varnishing of paintings using the varnish most appropriate to the artwork.
Re-modelling and Gilding: Re-modelling of damaged areas of frames and cleaning and re-gilding of gilt frames.
Example of Rigatino technique applied to a reproduction of The Milkmaid by Vermeer.
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